Name Data Type


One record per threshold boundary for each target metric contained in the Kpi referenced in the parameter

Result Set

Field Name Data Type Description
KpiID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies a Kpi
TargetID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies a Target metric within the Kpi
IndicatorID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies the Kpi
TargetName NVARCHAR(MAX) Uniquely identifies the Indicator (if any) referenced by a Target metric
ThresholdLevelNumber INT Incrementing number counting each threshold number. Can be used for sorting and also associating threshold levels with indicator levels in the MAUDF.IndicatorLevels function
ThresholdName NVARCHAR(MAX) Name of the threshold level as seen in Dashboard Designer e.g. Best, Worst, Threshold 1, Threshold 2
ThresholdLowerBoundary DECIMAL(20,5) Lower number of each threshold boundary
ThresholdUpperBoundary DECIMAL(20,5) Upper number of each threshold boundary

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