Name Data Type


One record per metric (Actual and Targets) for an individual Kpi element.

Result Set

Field Name Data Type Description
MetricID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies a metric within a Kpi
KpiID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies a Kpi
IndicatorID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies the Indicator (if any) referenced by a Target metric
DataSourceID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies the Datasource used by a metric to connect to data
MetricType NVARCHAR(MAX) “Actual” or “Target”
MetricName NVARCHAR(MAX) Name given to the metric e.g. Budget, Current
HasOverrideDisplayFormat BIT Has the display format from the source been overridden with other settings?
ScoringPattern NVARCHAR(MAX) Type of scoring pattern used by a target metric e.g. IncreasingIsBetter
BandingMethod NVARCHAR(MAX) Type of banding method used by a target metric e.g. Normalized, StatedScore, Actual
WorstValue DECIMAL(20,5) Number used in metric calculations to provide context. Just how bad is “bad”
CalculationType NVARCHAR(MAX) Calculation setting e.g. Default, No Value, TotalRollup, MaxRollup
CalculateRollupScore BIT Does the target metric calculate a rollup score i.e. objective Kpi. The “Use calculated values of actual and target to compute score” option is unchecked

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