Name Data Type


One record per level defined within the Indicator referenced in the parameter

Result Set

Field Name Data Type Description
IndicatorID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies an Indicator
BackgroundColor NVARCHAR(MAX) Hex value set for background color
FontColor NVARCHAR(MAX) Hex value set for font color
LevelImage NVARCHAR(MAX) Textual value for the level’s indicator image. TIP: to render the indicator image in an SSRS report use the system.Convert.FromBase64String() function in the Value property of an Image item
LevelText NVARCHAR(MAX) Text description of the level that can be used for scorecard filtering e.g. Off Target, Slightly Off Target
LevelDescription NVARCHAR(MAX) Description of the level e.g. Level 1 (Worst), Level 2 etc.
IndicatorLevelNumber INT Incrementing number counting each Indicator level. Can be used for sorting and also associating indicator levels with target threshold levels in the MAUDF.KpiTargetThreshold function

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