One record per DataSource published to the server

Result Set

Field Name Data Type Description
DataSourceID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies a DataSource
DataSourceType NVARCHAR(MAX) Type of data source e.g. Tabular, Multidimensional
DataSourceClass NVARCHAR(MAX) Class of datasource e.g. ADOMD.NET, SqlTabularDataSource, ExcelServicesWorkbook
MinutesToCache INT Cache setting in minutes
ServerName NVARCHAR(MAX) Name of the server where the data source is located
DatabaseName NVARCHAR(MAX) Name of the database that the data source is querying. This is blank for tabular data sources such as ODBC, Excel Workbook
CubeName NVARCHAR(MAX) Name of the OLAP cube the data source is querying. This is also used to contain the name of a table or view used by SqlTabular data sources

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