One record per item (Scorecard, Report or Filter) that exist within a dashboard
Result Set
Field Name Data Type Description
DashboardID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies a Dashboard
ItemID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Uniquely identifies an item within a dashboard
PageName NVARCHAR(MAX) Name of the dashboard page the item is located on
ItemType NVARCHAR(MAX) Type of item e.g. Scorecard, Report, Filter
ItemSubType NVARCHAR(MAX) Item sub type e.g.
Filter: TimeIntelligenceProvider, MDXParameterDataProvider
Report: OLAPChart, Url, SqlReport
ItemName NVARCHAR(MAX) Name of the item
CountInboundLinks INT Number of filter links passing data into the item
CacheOption NVARCHAR(MAX) Cache option setting value .e.g NoCache

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