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MAUDF Project

The MAUDF project is a series of CLR table-valued User Defined Functions that facilitate access to metadata for elements published to a specific PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring and Analytics (M&A) instance. The aim of the MAUDF project is to make otherwise hard-to-get-at metadata more accessible through these functions. Because the data exposed is tabular this provides an easier way for system administrators and developers to surface useful information contained within a particular Monitoring server using just T-SQL.

UDF List

UDF Description
ElementMetadata Element level metadata common to all elements e.g. name, description, display folder
ElementMemberships Lists each membership domain account the assigned privileges for an element
ElementCustomProperties Lists information for all custom properties that exist on an element
KpiMetrics Lists metadata for each actual and target metric within a kpi
KpiTargetThresholds Lists detailed threshold settings for each target metric within a kpi
ScorecardMetadata High level property settings for published scorecards
ScorecardKpis List of all kpis referenced within a scorecard
ScorecardAnnotations Lists all annotations and associated comments associated with a scorecard
ReportMetadata High level metadata for published reports
IndicatorMetadata High level metadata for published indicators
IndicatorLevels Lists properties for each level defined within an indicator
DataSourceMetadata High level metadata for published data sources
DashboardItems Lists metadata for each scorecard, report and filter item referenced within a dashboard



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